HP Latex 370 Printer

HP Latex printing goes even where solvent can’t allowing wider application versatility and higher profit potential than eco-solvent. Choose from a wide range of flexible coated and uncoated materials and expand your opportunity beyond vinyls and banners to films, papers, textiles, canvas, wall paper, and more.

We can target new higher-margin markets such as public buildings like schools and hospitals, where customers are sensitive to using eco-solventink output..

Young patients enjoy for attractive decorations with HP Latex Technology

Odorless and clean, waste-free installation minimized service interruption and avoided schedule disruption.
The decorations are washable, resistant to scuffing and durable making them easy to maintain.
Greenguard Children & Schools certified HP Latex Inks offer peace of mind in sensitive indoor locations.
The use of water-based HP Latex Inks in the work environment eliminates overheads related to special ventilation equipment and running costs typical of solvent ink technology.

Creating an attractive and safe play environment for children thanks to HP Latex Printing Technologies

Water-based HP Latex Inks printed on HP PVC- free Wall Paper produce odorless wall decoration that requires only water to install. GREEN GUARD Children & Schools Certified prints provide an environment where hildren can safely learn and play.
The use of water-based HP Latex Inks in the work environment requires no special ventilation, simplifying work processes, and contributes to reducing the over all impact of printing compared to eco-solvent ink printing processes.

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